InventorySource.com is able to keep your Honest Green website automatically updated every day. You will have full control over all aspects of your website. If you need any additional design work or custom development of any kind, we can help, but most changes are easily done in the admin.


This is an example of your FAQ page. You can create any questions and answers you need for this page. Even if you are new and do not yet have any "frequently asked questions", you can just create your Q&A around things you want to make more clear to your customers. Also, it would not hurt to mention a few things about some of your brands or products to work in some keywords. Every page with content is an opportunity to improve your SEO for your website.


Just add some details about your shipping options, approval process for returns if any, how long it takes to process an order (ie, Do you process orders on the weekend or holidays?), details on the types of health or environmental issues your products focus on, questions on the importance of having environmentally safe products for cleaning, your payment options for your site, etc.


There is no one way to create an FAQ page, especially before people ask questions, but it's just a simple options for promoting your products, letting people know how you run your store, and a chance to work in some quality keywords for your SEO.